Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Hay Park Way Thinglink

Today we have been learning how to create a positive digital footprint using thinglink.Sometimes it is a fun way to share music and images but we thought it would be better for our learning to be shared on it.Here is my thinglink about the Hay Park Way. The Hay Park Way is to be respectful, resilient and responsible.If you click on my thinglink you can find out more information about these three values.

Monday, 28 November 2016

The Fox and The Fish

Talofa lava blog world,
Today we got a reading task to do for Reading.We had to read the page first then we had to fill in the missing words in the sentences.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Thank you to our sponsors

This a slideshow about The Cat Door Company.Please enjoy reading about why they are an amazing and a phenomenal company.

Have you ever heard of SureFlap? They are an innovative company that make cat doors and other products.Please look through this slideshow to see how they have supported our school.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hi blog world,
Today me and my class did this activity about drinks and how much sugar is in these drinks.It was so fun making this activity called Mix'n match.The first thing you have to to do is to listen to the instructions.When you see the fizzy drinks you have to drag the boxes that are in colored in.When you find the you have to guess how any sugar is in the drinks and drag it on top of the drink you think how many sugar is in the can or bottle.

Here is a link to my activity

Friday, 12 August 2016

My Learning Conversation

Hi blogging world this is a slide show of my my Learning conversation.When I did the slide show I had to read my report to see what are my next steps are in school.I had to reread my report until I find my next step in school.Then I had to add a link to my 3 2 1 activity about electricity souses.Also If you want to see my links and screencastifys look in my My Learning Conversation slid show.After that I had to write one thing I really enjoyed in reading and what was challenging in reading. Finally I had to tell people how to put the full stops and comers in the right place.So I carried on repeating the same thing but about my writing and maths.Also if you want to know how to embed a document to your blog then watch my screencastify.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Elephant Seal

Hi blogging world!,
Today my kind Teacher let Setoga Class blog about anything.So to Day I am Going to blog about the Elephant Seal because I love animals.If you don't know what an Elephant Seal is then I will tell you what it looks like.An Elephant Seal is a seal with a long, fat, and very wrinkly nose.Also it has white and little spots on it's stomach.Another fact is when a male Elephant Seal sees a female Elephant Seal and another male Elephant seal sees the female Elephant Seal too then they fight over her.When they fight first they look up into the sky and his nos will go into his mouth.When you see a Elephant Seal look up into the sky and there nose is in its mouth that means stay away because they are going to fight.Also when they fight they try to bight of the opponents skin of so it hurts.When the opponents skin is sour and he runs away that means the  male Elephant seal win and he gets the female.

Thank you for reading

Monday, 1 August 2016

How to plug in the charger in the right way.

Talofa lava bloggers,
Today me and my two friends did photos about the Kawa of Care with words too.We were demonstrating how to plug in the plug properly.Also this could be dangerous if you plug in the plug into the power outlet.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Cross Country

Kia ora blog world,
Today Me and the senors did Cross Country practices around Keith Hay Park because we are going to the real Cross Country on week 8.It was fun because I was running with my best friends Lucas, Simon, Terrence.The fastest guy was Tyrone he ran around 2 times.Also we saw Waikowhai  doing Cross Country around   Keith Hay Park too.When i was running I had a very bad stitch. It was so bad that I was crying.But the teacher said stop crying.What should I do when I ha a stitch?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My interesting fact task

Hi blog world,
Did you know that Tony Hawk was the first man to create a horizontal loop.Tony Hawk tried and tried but he couldn't manage to do it.But Tony Hawk said to himself ‘’Come on Tony Hawk you can do it’’.After that he tried one more time.’’Whoosh’’ went the skateboard. Tony Hawk went into the horizontal loop and he managed to do it.After that Tony Hawk was very happy because he did the impossible.

Hi guys,
I'm going to tell you what pie stands for.

Check out my screencastify about what PIE stands for.

My story bird

Hi blog world,
Could you please read my storybird and give me some feed back to make it more interesting.

Here is a link to my storybird

Friday, 1 July 2016

Times tables

Hi guys,
To day I have learned how to do my times tables in a faster way.

watch my screencastify!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Certificate of Gymnastics


 Today me and my friend Raymond got our Gymnastics certificate.It was awesome to white down what I enjoyed in gymnastics.Gymnastics was very fun for me because I learned new things and I go to do a front flip on the big, soft mat.

Watch my screencastify about what I enjoyed in gymnastics