Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Elephant Seal

Hi blogging world!,
Today my kind Teacher let Setoga Class blog about anything.So to Day I am Going to blog about the Elephant Seal because I love animals.If you don't know what an Elephant Seal is then I will tell you what it looks like.An Elephant Seal is a seal with a long, fat, and very wrinkly nose.Also it has white and little spots on it's stomach.Another fact is when a male Elephant Seal sees a female Elephant Seal and another male Elephant seal sees the female Elephant Seal too then they fight over her.When they fight first they look up into the sky and his nos will go into his mouth.When you see a Elephant Seal look up into the sky and there nose is in its mouth that means stay away because they are going to fight.Also when they fight they try to bight of the opponents skin of so it hurts.When the opponents skin is sour and he runs away that means the  male Elephant seal win and he gets the female.

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