Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hi blog world,
Today me and my class did this activity about drinks and how much sugar is in these drinks.It was so fun making this activity called Mix'n match.The first thing you have to to do is to listen to the instructions.When you see the fizzy drinks you have to drag the boxes that are in colored in.When you find the you have to guess how any sugar is in the drinks and drag it on top of the drink you think how many sugar is in the can or bottle.

Here is a link to my activity

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  1. Hi Nathaniel.

    This looks like a fun and exciting task. Just wondering, you mentioned that you have to listen to the instructions. Have you made a screencastify of your instructions to go with this task? That would be a great idea.

    Just a reminder to always reread your blog post to check if it makes sense. It is a great habit to get into whenever you are blogging. Oh and add a blog post title.

    Thank you
    Miss Fortes