Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Our Work Out

Talofa lava bloggers,
I am going to show you some highlights of term four and other things like our class workout. In my first video we have my awesome class ( Parekowhi ) practiceing our leg raises and more. The reason why we did this is because our teacher ( Miss Berry ) wants us to be fit and I think that she is the fittest teacher out of our school. The exercises that we did for the past few weeks was very fun and to be honest they helped be alot, Like the sqwuts that we do helped me get into the high jump for athletics zone and more. This video is one of the work outs that we did this yesterday!

Author Presentation ( 150 words )

Hola Blog world,
We or I will be talking to you about our phenomenal author presentation we did yesterday with our awesome teacher ( Miss Berry ). Our task was to pick an author and share some information about the author. In my fabulous group we had Andrew, Mekilini, Marwah, Brooklyn, and me. In my opinion I thought that we were the third best group but to everyone else we were the fifth best group. But our avarage score was nineteen out of twenty five. Yes it was really sad but our group did give up so we started to think about how to improve. I think how we can improve is to remember our scripts or parts to say off by heart and to speak louder. But at the end of the day I think that our groups presentation was great and was interesting. Thank you for reading my blog post and if you want you could rate our group from one to twenty five.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

What's in the news this week?

Talofa Lava Bloggers,
I am so proud of my City ( Auckland ) with the catch up from Auckland 7 to Canterberry 20 in the first half. It was like Auckland was getting frashed but then I think alttle bit of inspration by their coach they turned into beast mode. It was also like the coach put some super water into their water bottles to make them catch up.

In this text I recond that there were no intresting facts because it was just all about a sport and about something that we should celebrate.

it is the first time that Auckland won a title ever since 2007. The word I came past that was dificult to understand was regulation, I lookedit up in the dictunary and it means an arrangement or a management.

Worth reading? It was worth reading because representing my city that I have been raised in won a title a second time is amazing and pluse they have beaten a hard rugby team.Image result for auckland holding the cup 2018 union

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Challenge

Talofa Lava blog world,
Today my goal is to explain what is happening in this picture or photo and to have 150 words.
Yesterday my class got to go to this truck to meet Harold ( The Giraffe ).
One of the tasks in the truck was to try to explain who did the shoes belong to,
and how old was the owner.
It turns out that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover or something by its cover.
One of our pictures that we got was a pair of ripped shoes with a man wearing them.
We thought that the man was poor and that he was a outside man that liked to clean.  
But it turned out to be a famous guy that used his shoes as inspiration.
Ever since he came famous that was his first shoes that he bought with his pay.
It made him think about never giving up.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Breaking News!

Good morning blog world.

A terrifying SUPER SNAKE has been discovered and that is breeding in America!
And other snakes are spreading around the world and they are huge.
Huge Burmese - Indian python snakes are swarming around wetlands,
and forests in a number recorded.
The new species of snakes is also capable of  climbing trees and slithering through swamps.
Scientists that have been researching about snakes in America has discovered an Indian python,
and an Burmese python that have been interbreeding ( making babies ) for the last 40 years. Wow me thinking that they have been making new species of snakes.

The Burmese snake is one of the largest snakes in the world and that could reach up to 20 ft in length. That is so amazing and cool because it is also large and they can eat pigs, goats, and crocodile. What would you do if you saw a big snake.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Tongan Languge Week!

Malo Lele Blog World,
I am so excited to be talking or should I say representing my country T.O.N.G.A the country that I love the most. Two days ago me and my class ( Parekowhi ) were foccusing on Tonga and we listened to Miss Berry read to us a book about how Tonga got their fire. It was a very intresting story about how Tonga got their fire but it was also very funny watching Miss Berry try to pronouce the Tongan words. We had options to do about the story like one of them was how we a to make a digital poster about what we had learned. Here is a cool poster that I made over the past few days

Hay Park Pepeha

Malo Lele bloggers,
Today like a normal day our class had our Pepeha with our awsome teacher or kaiako Papa Jarrod and he tought us how to say our Hay Park School Pepeha. Instead of me doing the one about who our teachers were im doing a Pepeha about our enviourment. Here is my slides that I just finished today and that I feel proud of.