Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Cross Country

Kia ora blog world,
Today Me and the senors did Cross Country practices around Keith Hay Park because we are going to the real Cross Country on week 8.It was fun because I was running with my best friends Lucas, Simon, Terrence.The fastest guy was Tyrone he ran around 2 times.Also we saw Waikowhai  doing Cross Country around   Keith Hay Park too.When i was running I had a very bad stitch. It was so bad that I was crying.But the teacher said stop crying.What should I do when I ha a stitch?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My interesting fact task

Hi blog world,
Did you know that Tony Hawk was the first man to create a horizontal loop.Tony Hawk tried and tried but he couldn't manage to do it.But Tony Hawk said to himself ‘’Come on Tony Hawk you can do it’’.After that he tried one more time.’’Whoosh’’ went the skateboard. Tony Hawk went into the horizontal loop and he managed to do it.After that Tony Hawk was very happy because he did the impossible.

Hi guys,
I'm going to tell you what pie stands for.

Check out my screencastify about what PIE stands for.

My story bird

Hi blog world,
Could you please read my storybird and give me some feed back to make it more interesting.

Here is a link to my storybird

Friday, 1 July 2016

Times tables

Hi guys,
To day I have learned how to do my times tables in a faster way.

watch my screencastify!