Thursday, 11 May 2017

Kai Toa Perfomance

Bonjure, and welcome to my blog post,

Today I was lucky enough to see Bernard Mangkahia perform for our school.His show was exhilarating and amazing because he was showing us what is resilience is in his own way.His way of telling what is resilience was mind blowing and it got in my brain in a instant.I Love the way how he was explaining how he imagined he had a cup in his head.The cup is what keeps your memory together and the water is all your memory's. Your cup should not be full instead your cup should be not full.

Thank you for listening to my blog post

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Starting term two with skateboard

Talofa Lava and welcome back to term two.

Today I was learning how to ride a penny skateboard and how to stop it.There were two people that came to teach us how to ride a penny skateboard and their names were Aidan and Mikayla. They were amazing teachers and good examples of being a skater.First we had to grab a helmet that had skateboarding gear in it.Second we had to unbuckle the helmet with the gear in it and took the gear one by one. Third we had to unwrap the nee pads on your nee's.Forth we had to unwrap the elbow pads and you had to strap it around your elbow.Finally we had to strap on the wrist guard around your wrist so when we fall down our hands won't get hurt.But remember to put on your helmet at all time when you ride a Bike Scooter or Skateboard.

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