Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Foot Steps

                                                          Foot Steps

Banana my minions,

We were doing maths and then this girl from room 8 told us that room 6 and 8 are waiting for you.Then our teacher said '' stop what your doing and line up out side.So we quickly speed walked to the hall because if we ran then we would slip because it is raining today.But luckly we enter in the hall just in time before Kate just started.One thing that was challengeing was how to dance to the beat and danceing fast.I think Kate sould come back because I really like Michael Jackson and Kate tought me how to do some Michael Jackson moves.Here is video of us danceing 

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  1. Hi Nathaniel.

    This is a great video. It was great seeing our senior students getting their groove on with Kate. Well done for being resilient and working through the challenges your faced.

    What move did you enjoy learning the most?

    Miss Huys