Tuesday, 30 October 2018

What's in the news this week?

Talofa Lava Bloggers,
I am so proud of my City ( Auckland ) with the catch up from Auckland 7 to Canterberry 20 in the first half. It was like Auckland was getting frashed but then I think alttle bit of inspration by their coach they turned into beast mode. It was also like the coach put some super water into their water bottles to make them catch up.

In this text I recond that there were no intresting facts because it was just all about a sport and about something that we should celebrate.

it is the first time that Auckland won a title ever since 2007. The word I came past that was dificult to understand was regulation, I lookedit up in the dictunary and it means an arrangement or a management.

Worth reading? It was worth reading because representing my city that I have been raised in won a title a second time is amazing and pluse they have beaten a hard rugby team.Image result for auckland holding the cup 2018 union

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